Major Facelift for Waterworld in readiness for reopening!

Posted on: 14 May 2021 by waterworld

Major facelift for Waterworld in readiness for reopening

Waterworld, the Midlands-based tropical aqua park, has been given a spectacular makeover in readiness for its grand re-opening on May 17.

Investment has continued during the lockdown to make sure the Stoke-on-Trent resort is the best it has ever looked.

Floors have been re-tiled, rides repainted, new themed areas created, and improvements made to staircases leading to the site’s popular flumes.

A new internal walkway has also been built, giving visitors access to the two neighbouring 18-hole Adventure Mini Golf courses, which are among the resort’s newest attractions.


Waterworld owner Mo Chaudry said: “The place looks like new, and we can’t wait to welcome people back inside, so they can see what we’ve been doing behind the scenes during lockdown.

“In total we have spent more than 100 days working on site improvements. More than 500 square metres of new tiles have been laid, and the tower structure leading up to Tornado Alley, with our newest and fastest rides, has a new and vibrant look.

“These high-octane rides only opened a few weeks before the first lockdown, so they are effectively new for 2021!”

Mo said Waterworld had invested substantial resources to prepare the attraction for the ‘new normal’, including the creation of a one-way system, new online booking procedures and stricter session controls.

“We have worked tirelessly to introduce a host of new systems which ensure that we can continue to offer truly memorable experiences without compromising the safety and wellbeing of guests or staff.

“We have installed Perspex barriers at relevant points and have employed an even larger team of cleaners and pool attendants.

“We will also be carrying out pre-entry temperature checks for all staff and visitors to ensure that nobody with a fever enters the facility.”

He added: “Scientific research shows that we remain one of the safest environments in the fight against Covid-19.

“The virus doesn’t survive in chlorinated water, and there is no evidence that it spreads through water in pools, hot tubs, spas or water play areas.

“Nevertheless, we are taking no chances. Our designated team of ‘hygiene busters’ will be on hand, using anti-viral sprays on all surfaces including lockers, and there are hand sanitising points strategically placed throughout the venue.

“Our air handling system in Waterworld provides highly effective and hygienic airflow control, and our facility is a large-scale arena of 75,000 sq ft, which allows ample space for social distancing compared with smaller attractions.

“We are one of only a small number of water parks that have an extensive, chemically-treated outdoor pool and outdoor lounging areas – the outdoors being the safest environment of all.

“We will significantly cap visitor numbers compared to our usual capacity to provide additional space for customers to relax in our tropical environment and continue to enjoy the extensive range of amazing rides and features that we have on offer.”

The new Tornado Alley zone opened in late 2019 as part of a £12 million expansion of the Waterworld resort, and includes the UK’s first trap door drop slide and the tallest, fastest water slides in the country.

The four new rides, towering up to 16.5 metres above ground level, are:

  • Thunderbolt: The fastest and steepest, reaching speeds of up to 39kph. A heart-pounding plummet for adrenaline junkies!
  • Cyclone: This one is classified as ‘medium to severe’, and can be ridden on either a one or two-person raft.
  • Stormchaser: The longest of the four new rides, also classified as medium to severe, designed for single or two-person rings.
  • Hurricane: To be ridden feet first, lying on your back – if you’re brave enough! This one is classified as ‘severe’.

Media reviewers have given Tornado Alley a huge thumbs-up, with describing the fastest of the rides, Thunderbolt, as ‘the most high-octane water slide in the country’.

World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall, who was among the first to check out the new rides, said: “Mo’s done a brilliant job to make sure the rides are exhilarating, and provide brilliant entertainment. It’s a fantastic place.”


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