Waterworld Coronavirus Update – COVID-19 (Press Release)

Our Chairman and CEO, Mo Chaudry would like to update our guests on the current COVID-19 situation here at Waterworld.

We would like to reassure our guests that we continue to monitor the current COVID-19 outbreak. We continue to review our policies and procedures with the wellbeing of our guests and staff at the forefront of any decisions we make.

We are taking all necessary precautions and assure you that we continue to do all we can to stop the spread of COVID-19 at our Aqua Park, in line with government advice.

In addition to current measures such as:

✔️ The use of Ozone gas which has been proven to kill SARS Coronavirus ( https://quailsystems.com/news/ozones-effectiveness-in-killing-sars-coronavirus/)

✔️The use of Chlorine which has been confirmed that Coronavirus would be inactivated at the levels used in swimming pools (https://www.pwtag.org/novel-coronavirus-covid-19-latest-information-2/)

✔️20 hand sanitising points throughout the building, along with a designated team of “hygiene busters” using anti virus sprays such as detol, D-10 and Ultra AX which has been specially formulated to combat COVID-19 (  https://www.onestopcleaningshop.co.uk/product/clover-chemicals-ultra-ax-trigger-spray-750ml/)

We are also now introducing a series of new policies. These are:

🖐 We will be proactively asking all guests to sanitise their hands upon entry to Waterworld.

🚿 We will be pro actively asking all guests to shower before entering our pool area.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 We are significantly reducing the amount of admissions into our facility at any one time. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Guests will not be refused entry to Waterworld however we will implement our “one in one out” policy when required to do so.

🤰Whilst we appreciate all of our valued customers, we are respectfully advising that those in the high risk categories such as 70 or more years young, pregnant guests and those with underlining health conditions, please reschedule your visit to us for another date.

We understand that for some guests the prospect of leaving the house is currently quite daunting, but we want to reassure you that Waterworld are doing everything in our power to eliminate the potential spread of Covid-19 within our facility. We as a business urge all guests to follow official government advice and until we are instructed to do otherwise we will remain open and continue to provide the safest place possible for families and all other guests to enjoy some quality time away and contribute to a healthier mind in a time of uncertainty.

Mo Chaudry (Chairman and CEO of Waterworld Leisure Group)