Here what people made of their visits to Waterworld:

‘New rides are Spectacular‘ ***** Took my son max went on the new ride hurricane ,said it was amazing, lockers are much improved since last time although busy we managed get on most rides pretty quickly, definitely be coming again as my kids wanted come back the next day. (AWESOME B, TripAdvisor)

‘Kids loved it and that’s all that really counts for us’ **** Like the title says, the kids had a great time and cannot wait to go back, and again, like the title says, that’s all that really matters! Our kids are both 6 years of age. The changing rooms, lockers and the food area were tidy and well maintained. One thing that is brilliant, without exception and bar far and away some.of the best i have had the pleasure to meet is the staff. Everyone we met and spoke to was truly brilliant – so helpful, so pleasant, so informative and just really nice considerate people. The place is ok, but the staff are exceptional and why, without fail, we will be returning for probably plenty more time to come. (chrislA3455KT, TripAdvisor)

I recommend this place and will be returning with the kids at some point again this year. Thanks once again to the great team and their hospitality.Space Bowl – my favourite ride was the Space Bowl. It went really fast and I dropped out in to the water! (Ewan, 12)

Thunderbolt – It was mental. I think I was the first member of the public to ride it, so that is cool. It was so fast. I was a little scared at first but after I had been on it once, I couldn’t wait to go on it again. (Conrad, 14 – 1st member of the public to ride the UK’s first trap door drop slide)

‘Amazing waterpark – must visit!’ ***** Amazing waterpark – incredible range of slides and decent prices. I really enjoyed my visit and spent a good three hours at the waterpark. The slides are very varied and all great fun. The new slides are a great addition, although the water in these is a bit cold. I strongly recommend visiting, the centre looks great and feels a comfortable and enjoyable place for a day out. (benrW6525DQ, TripAdvisor)

Cyclone – I didn’t dare go on Thunderbolt yet so I decided to go on Cyclone first. This slide was really fun. The best part of this slide was coming out in to the big dome. You pick up a lot of speed just before you come out and it is so cool! (Ben, 13)

Thunderbolt – WOW! I did not know what to expect at all when going on the Thunderbolt. I had seen 2 people go down before me and I thought at first, I can do that. Then you stand in the pod and the door closes. How daunting. Then the countdown starts… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BOOM. Absolutely brilliant! What a thrill. (Aiden, 40)

‘Fantastic afternoon out’ **** I took my 4 year old daughter and she loved it. We’ve been previously, but the wave pool update is Brill. Lots of fun was had in there. Didn’t go to tornado valley as my daughter didn’t meet the height requirements, but we will do as soon as she grows a little!! Wasn’t the busiest of days, but that made it better. My daughter plucked up the courage to ride the older flumes which she could ride with me and as it wasn’t too busy, there were little queues. (A8448LZleec, TripAdvisor)


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