Here what people made of their visits to Waterworld:

‘The new rides are amazing!’ ***** Visited waterworld on Bank Holiday Monday (26th August 2019) to try the new rides and wasn’t disappointed! Our favourite were the Cyclone & Thunderbolt rides but Hurricane and and Stormchaser were both fantastic too. Great additions to the already brilliant selection of rides and attractions already at Waterworld. Mostly just wanted to leave a review to say a massive THANK YOU to the team on Tornado Alley on the 26th August. They were brilliant despite the long queues (expected as it was bank holiday) but were professional, personable and helpful all day long – even when dealing with difficult customers. Please can you personally thank the lifeguard manning Cyclone (from 11am onwards) who saw me fall out of my rubber ring and immediately came straight down after me and made sure I safely made it down the rest of the ride and checked that I was okay once the ride was over along with his colleague who was handing out the rubber rings. I think his name was Adam. But both were fantastic and we had a good laugh about it (apparently I may have been the first to lose my ring on this ride!). But thank you for the swift action and great to know the lifeguards are so on the ball and really quick to act. Hope to be back sometime in the future for another spin on the new rides. Anyone looking to visit, do it. You won’t regret it. (Claire_Frays, TripAdvisor)

‘Adam The Legend Lifeguard!!!!’ **** This is now my Third visit to Waterworld but over the last 6 month I have been visiting all the uk water parks. Waterworld is one of only 4 waterparks in the uk to have White Water Master Blaster Water Coaster (Know as The Nucleus @ Waterworld) and this is also the smallest one in the uk but still a experience to ride. My main reason for my visit today was to experience the new water slides that have just open this week as part of a expansion project that is happening at the venue there are 4 new RTM Waterslides that have installed by Polin Waterparks. I was the first person into the water park and first on the slides so I was pleased but as the park got fuller it became organised chaos there where signs in place for a queuing system but not illustrated probably to what floor sides where on leaving mass groups on the stairs. Luckily one of the staff stepped up and tried to organise it and with great success well done Adam fantastic staff member polite and well mannered just whats was needed hopefully they sort this teething problem out soon and possibly more staff to cope with the growth of the park. Cyclone is a tube/ring rider water slide that has a space shuttle and space boat combined into one slide the ride design is very good the Natural light effects are brilliant just needs a bit of a fine tweaking with water pressures as 6 of the 7 times I went on the slide I got stuck in the space shuttle part having to push myself towards the exit flume then to be spat into the space boat at speed doing about 10 full revolutions of the bowl before the exit flume a ride that should last about 3 minutes takes much longer adding to queuing times and reducing the overall rider capacity per hour. Thunderbolt AKA Looping Rocket is a high adrenaline body slide . It offers the highest drops you can experience. This is the only Drop Slide in the UK. Fantastic slide and one to add to my favourite list only down fall is there is a flat in the slide that collects water casing you to lose momentum prematurely meaning having to walking the full length of the Run Out/ Aqua Catch. Stormchaser is based on the Black hole platform from what I can see and is the longest of the new slides and I like it. Hurricane is a aqua tube/tunnel body based slide using tube/ring rider platform with a initial steep drop its classed server.I would say it’s more medium fantastic slide with Natural light effects is a magical experience! Waterworld has had many extension projects over the years I would say this is the best one yet. The park is very well maintained and clean the staff are friendly Food options are good and reasonable quality plenty of seating. My rating is 7/10. (BarnsleyStanMan, TripAdvisor)

Space Bowl – my favourite ride was the Space Bowl. It went really fast and I dropped out in to the water! (Ewan, 12)

Thunderbolt – It was mental. I think I was the first member of the public to ride it, so that is cool. It was so fast. I was a little scared at first but after I had been on it once, I couldn’t wait to go on it again. (Conrad, 14 – 1st member of the public to ride the UK’s first trap door drop slide)

‘Turn up early’ ***** This is a great water park, and the 4 new slides are excellent. We visited here after spending 2 days at Alton Towers and it turned out to be a really good end to our break before heading back to Plymouth. Knowing that it was the summer holidays, we thought it would be a good idea to turn up before the place opened, which turned out to be a great move. We rode all of the new slides (Cyclone – wow!) a few times without queuing followed by all the other slides. By lunch time Waterworld was heaving, with long queues for everything. As we had already been on everything, we were happy to chill in the pools. The staff from the security, reception and lifeguards were exceptionally friendly. We found the changing rooms, poolside, and water to be very clean. Some areas are looking dated and could do with a refresh, but I’ve seen a lot worse in other water parks. It’s obvious that there is still some works in progress to finish the park expansion, but that didn’t detract from the experience. I thoroughly recommend Waterworld, but make sure to turn up early as it gets very very busy. (darrenw503, TripAdvisor)

Cyclone – I didn’t dare go on Thunderbolt yet so I decided to go on Cyclone first. This slide was really fun. The best part of this slide was coming out in to the big dome. You pick up a lot of speed just before you come out and it is so cool! (Ben, 13)

Thunderbolt – WOW! I did not know what to expect at all when going on the Thunderbolt. I had seen 2 people go down before me and I thought at first, I can do that. Then you stand in the pod and the door closes. How daunting. Then the countdown starts… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BOOM. Absolutely brilliant! What a thrill. (Aiden, 40)

‘First Timers’ **** Myself, oh, 9 year old (strong swimmer) and 6 year old (doggy paddler) visited today for the first time. Lots of parking spaces when we arrived at 10:30 parking is £3.50. Lockers work by using a wristband £3 deposit for this, you can load money onto this wristband too, saves you having to go back to your locker for money. Any money not spent is refundable at reception on your way out. It was busy, fully expected this with it being the school hols. For the flumes which required inflatable rings you had to queue to get the rings and then go and join the queue for the ride, was a bit tedious. I was worried they’d not be enough for my youngest to be kept entertained needn’t have worried. The main pool had a beach style entrance, the outdoor pool was open and was warm. Overall we all had a good time. (CharlieBullen, TripAdvisor)


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