Visiting with Children:

Waterworld has more than 30 different rides and experiences so we really do have something for everyone no matter what age or swimming ability.

If you’re visiting with younger children we have a selection of smaller slides and child-friendly activities to keep them entertained.

Communal family changing/shower facilities, baby changing and milk warming facilities are all available.

Adult Ratio to children

Children under the age of 8 and/or weak swimmers must be accompanied by an adult at all times. A maximum of two under 8′s to one adult is permitted.

Parent and Toddler

Our off-peak period is a fantastic time to bring your toddlers to visit our facility.

one of the most common questions we get asked here at Waterworld is:

“What rides can my child under 5years of age ride?”

So here is the answer:

A child under the age of 5 years old is usually under 1.1m tall which means they can use the following features:

Wave pool
Family Multi slide (with or without an adult)
The jungle house flumes x2
The children’s boat slide
The 3 small children’s slides
The Super flume (with an adult)
The Black hole (with an adult)
The Python (with an adult)
Use of our 2 bubble pools

Visiting with disabled guests:

Upon entrance to the site there are disabled parking spaces available to use upon arrival and ramps leading to the entrance. At reception we have a gate that can be opened rather than disabled guests having to use the turn styles. Once through to the changing rooms we have two designated disabled cubicles which are very large and have their own shower. They have a built in bench and also two portable chairs inside. If you require more space or the use of a bed there are signs inside advising you to ask a changing room attendant for assistance. They will happily take you to our first aid room which is literally just next to the disabled cubicles. Here you will find a large bed that you can use to get changed. We also have padded matting available upon request if it is easier for you to change using a larger surface area. There are two changing room attendants located in the changing rooms at all times. They are more than happy to help should you require their assistance.

Upon entrance to the poolside, the wave pool is a beach effect so the further out you drift, the deeper it gets. There are no steps entering or exiting the wave pool. If you require assistance in to the pool we have an indoor wheelchair that you are able to wheel in and out of the water.

We understand that during our normal business hours Waterworld is not as suitable for our disabled guests as we could make it if we were able to restrict admissions and put in place procedures and extra dedicated lifeguards that are located around the facility with the sole purpose of assisting disabled guests and their families. We are also able to adjust ride settings which means their “thrill factor” can be lowered. We are unable to implement such procedures during our normal operating hours. Therefore we hold events throughout the year that may be more interest. For details on our next special needs family event please click here.

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