Swimwear Policy:

Waterworld operate a strict “suitable swimwear only” policy whilst riding the rides and using its features. Items of clothing including T Shirts and Leggings are not permitted on any of our features. Suitable swimwear includes:

swimming costumes, swimming shorts, swimming briefs, bikinis (no thong bikinis), tankinis, wet suits, swim/sun tops, official swim modesty wear suits including swimming leggings. We sell modesty suits in our swim shop for £40. Please call 01782 205747 to check availability and to reserve one before your visit.

How long is my stay?

Session control will be in operation during Peak Periods. You will be guaranteed at least a minimum of 3 hours in the pool.

I’ve booked online, but I can’t print my ticket. What can I do?

No need to worry, you can show the receptionists the online ticket on your mobile phone. You should still use the online express check in counter.

I’ve booked online, what do I need to do now?

You should receive an email providing you with a ticket, you then print it or show it on your mobile phone. Not to worry if you don’t receive an email, it will be in your orders on your Waterworld account. If you are still struggling, the receptionists will find your booking when you arrive.

Do I have to book online, or could I pay at reception?

You can book online if you like, this would give you the queue jump at reception; however you can also pay at reception in the day. It is not necessary to book online during our Off Peak Periods as this is our quieter time to visit.

I’ve accidentally booked online tickets multiple times, what should I do?

Give us a call on 01782 205747 and we will search for your online bookings, you will need to provide information regarding these bookings.

Are there special rates for seniors/OAPS/concessions?

Unfortunately there is not any special rate, but please take a look at our special offers page for discounts.

Do you offer a discounted price for pregnant women or anyone that doesn’t want to use the slides?

Unfortunately there is not any discounted price, but please take a look at our special offers page for discounts.

What is your ratio for adults & children?

Our ratio is 2 children under 8 years of age to every 1 adult. Anybody over the age of 8 can attend without adult supervision providing they are a strong swimmer and have no medical conditions.

Is there a baby & toddler area?

There is a baby & toddler area which is very shallow; it has a climbing frame which has 2 slides.

Can we bring our own food/drink?

Unfortunately you cannot bring your own food/drink, as we have a cafe in our building; we have Waters Edge café on poolside with various foods such as burgers, fries, sandwiches, hotdogs, cold/hot drinks, ice creams etc. We also have a subway next door as well.

Do you have lockers & how much do they cost?

FREE LOCKERS.  Refundable deposit of £5 per band for our lockers is required. This is fully refunded upon exit once the band is returned.

In the interest of the safety of our guests and during circumstances when items have been left in lockers that are now in use by other guests, Our management team reserve the right to check our lockers. This will only be done when it is absolutely necessary and will be carried out when a member of our management team is present.
Is the use of snorkels, fins (feet) or mermaid tails allowed?

Unfortunately not due to health and safety and for the comfort of other bathers.

What time do you open/close?

Click here for opening and closing times.

What are your prices?

Click here for opening and closing times.

Do you have parking and what is the rate?

Parking is £3.50 which will cover you for up to 8 hours.

I’ve seen a voucher on your special offers page, but can’t print; can I show it on my mobile phone?

Yes you can show it on your mobile phone. For any other problems please contact us.

How do I find information regarding booking a birthday party?

You can find all the information you need on birthday parties here. Any further questions regarding booking a birthday party please contact us on 01782205747.

How many people would I need for a group discount & what are the prices?

Group bookings are for 15 people or more, you can find out the prices by clicking here.

Where can I stay?

There are plenty of hotels and B&Bs in our area. Click Here to see.

What time do the rides close?

Rides will begin to close down 15 minutes before closing time.

What time does Tornado Alley close?

Tornado Alley will not be in operation during off peak periods. Tornado Alley will be open during Peak Periods only.

Tattoo Policy: Tattoos that may cause offence to other guests i.e the use of explicit language or offensive logos need to be covered at all times. Please wear plasters to cover or suitable clothing which is wet suit material. T shirts may be used but not on our features.